How Pets can Cost You (the owners) more Money than Necessary

The amount of erroneous “free” advice given to pet owners in San Pedro seems to have reached gargantuan proportions.  Everyone from your gardener to your groomer to your dog walker will assess your pet and tell you exactly what your pet needs when he is sick.  They will recommend tests as well as treatments.  Unfortunately it is mostly inaccurate advice they are giving, and it will cost you money.  Here is a list of things that your pet does NOT need and you therefore do not need to pay for:

1.  A flea and tick collar  – a huge waste of money.  They sell for about $35 at local grooming shops and the owner will tell you it’s going to work for 3 months against fleas and ticks.  In reality these collars don’t work for fleas at all.

2.  An “injection for ticks” – local vets or non-vets are claiming there is an injection that kills ticks for six months.  Unfortunately there is no injection for ticks that kills ticks for 6 days, much less six months.

3.  A “tick fever” test.  These are expensive and inaccurate, and therefore dangerous.  Misdiagnosing a pet with tick fever can be a lethal mistake.  If this is what he has and you treat him for something else because of an erroneous test result your pet could easily die.

4.  A “vitamin injection”.  Although these injections make the sellers a lot of money they are a complete waste.  Pets who eat dogfood are already getting all the vitamins they need.  And there are no “vitamins” that will cure any illness.  Did you know that extra doses of vitamins that you don’t need go straight out of your body in your urine?  It’s the same for animals.

5.  Beware of anyone who treats your pet by giving him 5 injections at one time.  Have you ever received 5 injections from a physician?  Would you want to?  This is very expensive and unnecessary.

    In order to combat this plethora of misinformation San Pedro Animal Hospital is lowering its consultation fee to $30.  Please come see us to receive legitamate advice for your pets’ problems.  In the end it will save you money and your pet will be healthier and happier.

Our next article will be about alternatives to the above treatments which are cheaper and more effective.

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