How Many Taxis are Illegal in San Pedro?

Yesterday your favorite reporter counted 10 taxies that had duct tape wrapped around some part of the car. Anotehr 20 that were rusted to the point of being see through. These taxies are meant to be examined by the Town Board every year. Obviously this is not happening, and it appears through the smell of others that the driver and his family are possibly living in the car when it is not being used for its true purpose.

We must govern,through the Town Board and the Traffic Dept., the licenses,the drivers, and the vehicles as they are generally the first thing that a tourist uses when visiting the island. Also with the preponderance of illegal nationals from the surrounding countries of Belize who have no legal rights to be here but the immigration dept. appears to be unaware of these facts.

We do not want a tragic case to happen here as happened in Cayo with Jasmine.

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