How Many Restaurants and Hotels Owned by Foreigners on Ambergris Caye

The answer is that there is not a single hotel on Ambergris Caye that is not owned by a foreigner or a foreigner who has become a national,by choice, of Belize. The only hotels full owned by born Belizeans are, The San Pedrano (7 rooms), Tio Pil’s (9 r00ms), Tomas Hotel (8 rooms), The Holiday Hotel (15 rooms) , Ruby’s Hotel (18 rooms) and Martha’s (9 rooms). This figures are approximated but it goes to show that of the 2000 odd rooms available locals only own a couple of % and the foreigners are the major employers of workers on the island.

Without a shadow of doubt some of these owners should be involved with the Town Board and be involved in the implementing of new rules and laws that are to do with Tourism. There are hundreds of millions of dollars involved and the major investors which are bringing these monies to the island and Belize in general should be involved in all aspects of “Visitors to the Island (Belize).

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