Hot off the press – Peter Lawrence losses his first battle in Belize

We had better check if the moon comes out blue tonight, as we have just learned that Peter Lawrence has just lost this first battle of wills in Belize. With the grand opening of 48 new hotel rooms at Caribbean Villas Hotel, and the relaunch of the Restaurant and Beach Bar just around the corner, the new Executive Chef traveled to Belize City with a wish list a mile long. As it turns out, against his will, it seems Mr. Lawrence relented and has now provided everything on said wishlist – much to his chagrin.

The AD eagerly awaits the Grand Opening Party at Caribbean Villas on November 7th, and the relaunch of the restaurant there. Rumours abound that the new name of the restaurant will be “Amber Beach Bar & Grill” – although that remains unconfirmed at this time.

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