Hon Manuel Heredia Conspicous by his Absence on Ambergris Caye

Oh where Oh where is our area rep. Manuel Heredia has been elected three times and he is happy with his position in the GOB but is doing nothing for the island that he represents, and maybe we should not be surprised as he appears not to notice that our infrastructure needs funding.

Central Government gets 95% of the tax revenues collected on Ambergris Caye. Only local taxes stay at the Town Council. Mayor Danny is doing his best for our island.

 Why isn’t Hon. Manuel Heredia, Minister of Tourism and now a 3 term and very senior Area Rep. putting more effort into getting some of our tax dollars that Belmopan gets re-invested into the island? Why isn’t HE doing his best for our island?

Our roads are falling to bits. Our tourists see this and it’s embarrassing to watch them picking their way through the potholes and mud, particularly on the road north of the bridge which they cannot avoid using. I have spoken to many tourists and they are confused as to why we would let our island get this way.I know Mayor Danny is very mindful of the need to maintain a strong tourist industry. Again, I believe Danny is doing his best with very limited resources.

Now it is time for Minister Manuel to STRONGLY support Danny’s efforts by ensuring that Central Government invests seriously our tax dollars into urgent road repairs and upgrades without delay. We are an island of 20,000 people and we don’t even have a Ministry of Works depot. This is ridiculous. Our island has been loyal to the UDP for over 10 years now, it is time for Central Government to recognize that we are an important part of Belize, quit ignoring us. We are an enormous tax cow for the government but once our tourists decide we’re not taking them seriously and decide that we have become a joke tourist destination the cow will be milked dry and Central Government will get nothing.

A simple road plan:
1. bring in bargeloads of good quality hard core road fill along with trucks, a grader and a heavy roller.
2. Fill the main dirt roads high with a crown, grade and roller. This provides the base for future paved roads.
3. Keep a sufficient stock of hard core fill for road repairs.
4. Be prepared for a major maintenance of the roads at least once a year, just as they do on the mainland dirt roads.
5. Get a long term plan for the paving of the main road north under way. Follow this by planning paving the roads through San Pablo, south of the BWS plant and major population centers such as San Matteo and San Pedrito.

Time for our Minister of Tourism to become a hero….just do his job!

Tomoorow we will write about how little he is doing to stop crime on our island.

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