Home Owners at Belize Yacht Club in legal trouble

It appears that up to 20 people have been employed by the Home Owner’s, who have not had the correct accreditation. Many of the security guards were from Guatemala and were operating on visitor’s visa’s which is against the laws of Belize. The guards and others were having social security withdrawn from their wages, and were working 72 hours per week and not getting paid any overtime. This is also against the laws of Belize, as workers must be paid overtime after 45 hours worked in a week.

It is believed that the BYC had up to 55 employees during the last few months, and yet only a few of the employees were registered with the Social Security Board, although it is believed that every employee had Social Security deducted from their pay. It is also understood that the BYC has not paid Social Security for February or March.

The Home Owner’s are in a quandary  because they feel that this is not their fault, but as they hired the management company (Island Resorts) to run their properties it appears that they are liable for huge fines, as ultimately they are responsible.

It is understood that the Social Security Board and Immigration Departments are investigating the goings on and shenanigans that have been happening at BYC,

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