Hilton Curio Hotel Executives arrive in San Pedro

It has been reported that the executives have turned up to see the buildings of Mahogany Bay situated on the canals, and built on recently reclaimed land. The AD wonders if this construction would be allowed in Mexico or the USA,as we believe that a certain time period for settlement has to be allowed for. The avid AD readers,and most locals, know that the construction is different to the way most hotel are built on the island. Although the furnishings are of a spectacular quality it reminds the AD of the proverb,”You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

The AD went to see the beach club, a true haven for mozzies and it will take months and months to make it useable which will make their opening date of october 1 a very difficult proposition.

The AD will take bets on the opening date being changed yet again,and indeed is starting to believe if it will ever happen-does Reef Village ring a bell,and that after many years is making a resurgence as it is far better built and a group of very determined owners who took the developer Jeff Pierce, to court many times. They have won every case and there are more to come.

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