Headrick and Paz Steal Our Land in Ambergris Caye

Well the clock has now done what all intelligent people knew would happen is cause massive traffic congestion in San Pedro. Richard Headrick a well known figure who owns Ramon Village, and lives in the USA who realizes money can do anything in our little town. He has the mayor in his pocket and lets his minions take the flack. Hopefully someone will erect a massive electronic billboard in front of his mansion.

The barriers are up and only certain members of a certain family have keys to allow them to pass. Amazingly enough these people seem to own Daddy Rocks night club.I wonder if the mayor Elsa Paz knows that she owns part of this building and business. The question has to be asked if property taxes have been paid on this structure. However that appears to be a state secret as the town board refuse to say who has not paid their taxes.

It is has come to the attention of the Ambergris Daily that a long term resident is contemplating suing the the mayor and the town board for theft of public property. Hopefully this person will keep the rest of the tax paying public updated.

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