Happy owners at the Belize Yacht Club

In the interest of fairness the AD is presenting a different view of the BYC. The AD was contacted by an owner at the Belize Yacht Club that we presume wants to stay anonymous who stated that this ridiculous ‘campaign’ against the BYC was completely unfair and uncalled for. In his opinion, the Belize Yacht Club has never been operated better and while he agrees that they are using the Queen’s Beach, he pointed out that everyone else is using it so why can’t the BYC?

The security is some of the best on the island he says, and that their job is to look ‘fiercesome’ and protect all the residents and visitors to the Yacht Club. The AD was also informed that nobody has left the Yacht Club under a cloud and that everyone that has stayed there in the last 6 months has been supremely happy.

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