Guns and John McAfee

A couple of days ago our hero John McAfeee, the reclusive billionaire, was walking in and out of Lily’s Restaurant – which as most people know is located on the beach in downtown San Pedro. He was wearing a white sleaveless vest and had something else on that had a couple of straps attached to it.

In the straps were a semi-automatic pistol on one side and loaded ammunition magazines on the other. He was walking in and out of the restaurant on the telephone, disturbing all other dinners and scaring the pants off the tourists and possibly some of the locals.

The laws in Belize are that guns need to be concealed if you have a licence for them, which we believe Mr. McAfee has. So he was breaking the law by obviously displaying guns and ammunition. The police were called, of course, and they took the easy way out by not showing up, because who in their right mind wants to tackle someone with a gun on the beach.

The Ambergris Daily’s position on the granting of gun licenses is that it should be strictly controlled and if people break the law by displaying them, they should have their gun permits revoked immediately. Also we believe that various people should have to go through psychological exams before they are granted.

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