Grand Belizean Estates-Update on Purchasers Beware

There are signs everywhere about what a great cheap land purchase that can be obtained from Grand Belizean Estates. Well the one thing a purchaser does get is a piece of soggy land or marsh. Various buyers ahve been told that there will be available water as the Belize Water Company will bring the pipeline 5 miles north of the bridge to this development. This will never happen and the buyer will be left with a soggy piece of land.

If someone ever wants to build a proper concrete house on a lot which will take a huge amount of piles etc. etc..Various realtors have indicated that it will cost 300-400usd per square foot to build which is double or triple the cost elsewhere on the island.

Potential buyers should follow the lead of the residents of San Pedro and just laugh whenever the name Grand Belizean Estates gets mentioned. Try and find an intelligent person who has invested their monies in purchasing a lot in this development -development really is the wrong word.


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