Further to Houses over the Water on Ambergris Caye

Why is this project against the law?

1. 5% Stamp tax must be given to the GOB when a property changes hands -if this does not happen everyone involved has broken the laws of Belize-so  using an IBC is against the law without paying the 5%.

2. An E.I.P. (Environmental Impact Plan) assessment has to be completed and approved by the GOB, and the SPTC (highly unlikely due to current ecological concerns).

3. There is no public access to these lots which can and will lead to problems in the future. The road is owned by the current owners of Reef Village, and they do not appear to have a wonderful working relationship with Reef Developments or anyone else.

4.What happens when a client wants to build. There is no way BEL is going to guarantee electricity. There is no hope of getting water from BWL as they have stated that they do not have the capacity and will not have any for the forseeable future.

5. Sewage -every unit is going to have to have an above ground aerobic system which costs a fortune and will not look that great.

6. Water- every unit is going to have a RO water system which will also have to be above ground.

7. With the exception of docks no-one has built houses over the water, and it is estimated that with concrete pilings(which will have a life expectancy of 15 odd years as they are constantly in moving water). The wood has a life of maybe 10 years due in part to salt etc. etc.. The builder is …………………………………………any person who says he can do it but there will be a lot of problems. Our guess is that the cost will be at least 350usd per sq foot of liveable space which means you may as well live on the reef side of the island.

8. This looks like just another Lagoon side “developer” who couldn’t afford to buy good high land and so bought some swampland on the cheap and is trying to sucker in gullible investors. Remember Maya Islands, Casa Corbu, Caye Winds and a host of other swampy West side stuff which has already gone bust or is heading that way?

 Further to this we believe that this developer may have been mislead about the laws of Belize as he has nothing to do with the infamous Rick Pierce who stayed at Reef Village for over a year.

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