Further to Bridge Closure

We found this diary of a North Ambergris Caye resident on a scrap of ancient paper at least 3 hours old:

Tuesday November 22nd, Day 1 of our ordeal:

9:00am. We are shocked to learn that the bridge has been closed. I write a strongly worded letter in which I say that I will be firing my employees and shutting my bar down. In the letter I say that there is no other way to get to town because the bridge is closed to vehicle traffic. No other way, that is, unless you count walking or cycling over the bridge or taking once of San Pedro’s 11,347 boats.

9:05am. Courageously I decide that my bar can open after all.

10:30am. Droves of tourists come in by boat by sea and by bicycle and foot across the bridge. But, my strength is waning, I don’t know how long I and North Ambergris Residents like me can continue this ordeal. I cannot drive across the bridge. This has been the worst day of my life. You can talk all you want about famine in Africa etc. but no-one has suffered like I have today.

8:00pm. Getting faint…don’t know how long I can continue this diary but I will do my best. I know they had to close the bridge to protect the safety of the workers finishing the new road. I know that it was physically impossible to keep the road open while the cement was being poured. But, still I ask, “WHY?” because I am a complete moron.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011:

8:00pm. I close the bar after setting a record for beer sales and whining to my clients about the bridge closure.

Thursday 24th November 2011: Oh no, The bridge is open!! Now my clients won’t be trapped in my bar and I will lose business because they will be free to explore the rest of the island!! Quick, CLOSE THE BRIDGE!!


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