Further Shenanigans in the Miss San Pedro Contest

It appears that various rules of the Miss San Pedro contest were not followed.

All contestants had to be in full time education at the San pedro High School and have passing grades. Miss had already left the high school  and therefore should not have been allowed to compete. On the registration form this is clearly stated.

She is planning to comeback to San Pedro in august to try and win further monies in the Costa Maya festival. This therefore leaves her deputy out in the cold except for doing all the unpaid work and duties that the Miss San Pedro has to do.

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark as the crown is also in Nicaragua.

The feelings of all the contestants have to be taken into consideration as all the girls worked and tried extremely hard to win the crown,and the rest of them followed the rules which are clearly stated on the registration form. It transpires that one of the main reasons for the girls to be attending school is that it would be very unlikely for the parents to pull them out before the scholastic year end. Well of course as the rules have not been followed, a major upset has occurred.

Why were the rules not followed it is a simple question which deserves an answer.

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