Freedom of Speech on Ambergris Caye

It appears that if one does not follow the elected parties view. The general viewpoint is that this person should be deported or severly censored as our elected officals are incapable of making any wrong decisions or do anything illegal. No-one should,in their opinion, to criticise anything that they do or complain about obvious malfesance as it is the citizens right,”to do or die”.

Officals who start at the begining of their term without a pot to piss in all appeare after their term to have done remarkable well with their investments. It is surprising that the Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal are the papers of choice for the elcted few.

One day it has to be hoped that proper accounts are going to be taken and recorder. This job would take a firm of accountants a month not one person spending a couple of hours examaning God knows what.

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