Fido’s provide Tom with a Great Wake

Yesterday Fido’s and their friends sent Tom on his way to the unknown by providing the largest wake that the Ambergris Daily has ever been part of. From Gino,Dale,Tul, and Casper on the stage providing the music. To Cookie Lady who sang an unaccompanied rendition of “Tommy Boy” and to Brian who organized everything so well.

A big hand to Bruce and Nancy who together own Fido’s by pledging all the profit from the wake to be split evenly between SAGA and the San Pedro Animal Foundation which will obviously be a big benefit to Tom’s favorite charities.

What could have been a very somber occasion became a huge party with everyone telling their favorite “Tom” story. Our story was that on only one of his trips abroad. He flew to Germany just to visit the jagermeister factory. Let’s face it that is a long way to go for a pretty awful drink.


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