End of the World Party Friday at Pedro’s Inn!

The End is Coming… The Mayan Prophecy is nearing, and you know what that means… It’s Party Time!!! Everyone here at Pedro’s Inn would like to say, “Come One and Come All” to our “Party Like There’s No To-Maya Doomsday Debacle!!!”

It’s all happening this Friday, December 21st of course! Come join us for a night of total annihilation with Shuffling Zombie, The Black Death, and Atomic Jäger Bomb Shots! A party is not complete without some of our favorite games: Beer Pong, Shot the Box and Jenga! There will be Fire Dancing too, need I say more!

To top it off we’ll have Live Music from 8PM- Midnight with Gino and The Shack Shakers playing our favorite tunes. Anyone in Mayan Garb gets a free shot, so dress it up! Come celebrate with us, it may be our final Hoorah! Get ready to Party Like There’s No To-Maya!!!

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