Elsa Paz to rerun for Mayor of San Pedro

Can anyone honestly believe it? The Ex-Mayor Elsa Paz wants to challenge the Honorable Danny Guerrero the mayor of San Pedro in the forthcoming UDP elections. Let’s see what Mayor Paz’s last 8 years brought…


She built the horrible yellow building on Middle Street with all our money, which is still empty and apparently the bank is looking at Foreclosure. The disaster of a Clock in the middle of Front street which causes traffic jams daily. The monuments to herself all over the place that look like tombstones and empty coffers left to the incoming Town Board. All she wants is to use our money for her personal gain.

Look at what Mayor Danny has done:

Improved all the living conditions in local areas like San Telmo, San Pedrito, San Juan, San Matteo etc. For the first time in living memory the Mayor treats locals, expats and tourists alike. He has launched many initiatives – ie. Rubbish clearing, Trying to improve the roads (which we wish he had gotten more help from Central Government on, in particular Tourism Minister Heredia). The police force bares no comparison to what we had to put up with under Mayor Paz.

The Ambergris Daily says if anyone votes for Elsa Paz they are just putting their personal interests (and looking for freebies) that will take San Pedro back to the dark days.

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