Elito Arceo to Challenge Manuel Heredia Jr. For Area Rep.

Thank goodness at least there is a viable alternative to Manuel Heredia who is a three time elected representative for South Belize and Ambergris Caye. The election will be in 2 years time.

Finally Elito Arceo has thrown his hat in the ring and he is popular within both parties and understands tourism which are present incumbent seems to have a problem with. As we all know Ambergris Caye is the prime destination point for tourism in the whole of Belize and raises the most monies for the GOB in direct and indirect taxes. However the return of these monies in any significant amounts has not been forthcoming.

The AD says it is embarrassing watching the tourists who love it here complain of two things and that is roads and trash. The mayor is doing his best but with limited resources-without a doubt it is time for the GOB to stand up and deliver roads and monies to keep the island clean.

The locals also know that the police need more policemen/women and that we need transportation-at least 4 trucks. How can Manuel not see this.

Hopefully Elito will make these issues to get him elected and then carry them through to an ultimate conclusion to where everyone gains.

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