Easter Week at Pedro’s Poker Club on Ambergris Caye

Hello Poker Friends,

We have a great week of poker planned at Pedro’s Poker Club.  Bob is closing down the poker room in Belize City for the week and we’re picking up where he leaves off.
We are pleased to announce our new Bad Beat Jackpot.  The jackpot is currently at $3500 and we will be adding to it weekly until it is hit.  To qualify for the bad beat jackpot, you must have any quads beat, and when you do, everyone at the table will win something.  We are paying 40% to the losing hand, 10% to the winning hand and 50% split among all players at the table.
We’re also still running our Tablet Computer High Hand promotion.  If you get the High Hand for the month of April, you have your pick of an Acer Iconia Tab or Kindle Fire.  Phil won last month with Quad Kings with a 9 kicker.  See what you can hit this month.
Cash Games
This week we’ll be running No Limit Holdem cash games with limits ranging from 1/2 US up to 5/10 US with a chance of a 10/25US over the weekend.  We’ve got extra tables and dealers, so multiple games will be running each day.

Cash games will be:

  • Thursday – 7pm
  • Friday – 7pm
  • Saturday – 6pm
  • Sunday – 6pm
  • Monday – 7pm
  • Tuesday – 7pm
  • Wednesday 7pm
As usual, we provide free food and drinks for cash players.
Buy-ins for our Cash games will be as follows:
  • 1/2 us NL Holdem – $50 min, $200 max
  • 2/5 us NL Holdem – $100 min, $1,000 max
  • 5/10 us NL Holdem – $500 min, $10,000 max
  • 10/25 us NL Holdem – $2,500 min, No Max


Also this week is our first annual San Pedro Poker Open tournament.  We will be holding $50 and $100 satellites on Thursday night and Friday night starting at 7pm.
The Main tournament schedule is as follows:
  • Saturday 4pm: $200bz No Limit Hold’em Warm-up Tournament. $7500 chips, 15 minute levels
  • Sunday 5pm: $500bz No Limit Hold’em Championship Event. $15000 chips, 20 minute levels

We are expecting a good turnout this week with a lot of Belize City players and a plenty of guests here on holiday.  I certainly hope to see you all there.

Best Regards and Better Cards,

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