Dumb and Dumber, Part 99

Well the Mayor found a great solution to those who were concerned about traffic safety around her new clock. The road now seems to be permanently closed with heavy duty barriers and all traffic through town will now have to squeeze down the little side street next to Gecko Graphics and Southwind Properties.

What a pity the Mayor has not shown any concern for grading the main road north of the bridge or south of the water plant right in the middle of the holiday period. (She WAS seen preening around the clock yesterday). One wonders how many golf carts will have their suspension shattered by the interconnected pot holes. One also wonders why the golf cart rental businesses don’t complain loudly to the San Pedro Town Council…their maintenance costs must be horrendous when the roads are like this. And they pay a lot of money to the San Pedro Town Council in permit and license fees.

Finally, our much valued tourists….what a great impression to leave them. Potholes and traffic jams.

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