Dumb and Dumber on Ambergris Caye-Alcohol Sales on Holidays

After surviving the no-alcohol ban on Good Friday it appears that our local officer in charge wants to have a no alcohol ban on xmas day. This idea is so stupid it defies belief, and goes to show that the lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

Nowhere in the world is there an alcohol ban on xmas day. For goodness sake,and for God’s, it is a day of celebration and every xmas lunch comes with wine and champagne followed in most cases with port and stilton. Try telling visitgors to the island that alcohol is banned on xmas day-next we will have someone propozing San pedro as a dry zone for New Year’s Eve.

The business community and especially the hotels and restaurants have to get together and change the laws where alcohol is allowed to be sold after 6.00pm on Good Friday and all day on xmas day.

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