Drug Dealers on Ambergris Caye

There are now so many drug dealers who hang around central park,Daddy rocks, and the Tackle Box area during the night hours that it is almost impossible not to be offered drugs no matter who you are.

The police do not seem to know what these people do for a living and seem to be very friendly with them all. It seems incredible that there are never any serious drug arrests. In fact in the last 13 years there have been none. The majority of arrests are for one or two grams of either coke or pot which is basically for personal use. These guys on the beach must sell 30 times these amounts every night, and yet it is totally un-noticeable by the authorities.

There are many rumours that these dealers work for the police in providing them with information on crimes. However it appears that the lunatics have taken over the asylum as there are never any arrests. All the police can do,it appears,is close down shops on Good Friday (this really helps law and order). If the police want to make sure laws are followed in San pedro start arresting these persistent law breakers.

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