Donation from San Pedro Animal Hospital-Approx 10,000bzd

A few days ago Danny Guerrero was on the morning show and he requested help with the dog licensing issue and also with the spey and neuter program. The San Pedro Animal Hospital sent the letter,printed below,to the mayor.the approx value of this multiple donation throughout the year will be around 10,000bzd. There will be no cost to the town or anyone else.

Hon. Danny Guerrero

Mayor San Pedro Town

6 June 2012



Dear Sir:


As the owner and veterinarian of San Pedro Animal Hospital I am offering my services to the
San Pedro Town Council to aid in the control of the dog population in San

The spaying and neutering of pet cats and dogs has been shown to be the most effective
method of population control in communities worldwide.

Myself, San Pedro Animal Hospital, and the San Pedro Animal Foundation are offering to
assist the Saga Humane Society in San Pedro with their work in this area.  We will provide one spay or neuter per week free of charge to any animal in need.
Please note this will have to be fit into our schedule at our convenience as time allows.


Sincerely yours,



Laurie Droke,




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