Dog Eradication in San Pedro

The Town Board after receiving many complaints about stray dogs over the last few months. The mayor and the assistant mayor realised that the problem was not going away. With SAGA refusing to accept the donation of 50 free spey and neuters from the San Pedro Animal Hospital. They obviously felt that there was no-one prepared to help out with the growing problem so they organised a mass poisiong in the areas that gave the most complaints. It is very unfair to blame the administration by putting then in a no-win situation.

1. If it was our dogs that were poisioned we would be devastated but our dogs are kept in our compound.

2. People have to take better care and control their animals more than they have been.

3.Not every person on the island should be able to have a pet that they cannot afford.

4. SAGA should work with SPAH and SPAF.

We as a community have to keep the dog population under control and it appears that a sensible euthanasia program maybe the only way.

4. Maybe sensible people can come with ideas and solutions

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