Doctor Laurie Droke DVM leaving San Pedro

As most people know, Doctor Laurie Droke DVM will be leaving the island after Easter 2013. After 3.5 years she has decided that she needs to continue her chosen career in California where she will earn 3 to 4 times the amount of money she earns in San Pedro.

This is obviously unfortunate for the island, as she has been the only 24-hour, 7 days a week Vet that has ever been here, and has set up the only private veterinary medical clinic on any of the Cayes. Due to her education, skills & expertise she has saved many animals, which are considered family members by many, from meeting an untimely end.

Unfortunately there will be a group that celebrate her leaving, but she has proved that this island must have a full time vet and that the San Pedro Animal Hospital must be kept in existence. The Animal Hospital is for sale, and it would behoove all full time or part time residents who own pets here to advertise the sale of SPAH in order to attract vets who may want to come to Belize to live here whilst making a respectable island income. The Hospital is the most up to date, and carries the widest variety of animal drugs in the country, and there is huge room for expansion. The price, according to Remax / Pelican Real Estate is well below market value. Of further note, to all of the realtors and people who wish to sell their properties on the island, having a full time, 24 hour private veternary practice on the island is a huge plus to most people who are planning to move to Ambergris Caye.

The shame of this is that, if we have to put up with Vets without the skills & expertise of Dr. Laurie that many animals will not be around as long as they might have been under her care. A case in point, at least 4 Saga Board Members have called Dr Laurie out of hours, in the middle of the night with emergencies and all of their animals have survived.

The AD would like to applaud Dr. Laurie in her dedication, and in her teaching of animal welfare and care to anyone who was prepared to listen. Without a doubt she has been the longest serving, and most professional vet that the island has seen.

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