Did All Liquor Licenses get paid last year on Ambergris Caye

The question has to be asked did all license fees get paid last year. According to reports from certain liquor license holders,who attended the liquor licensing meeting,the answer has to be no. As many of the local run bars etc. were asked by the committee members to pay something like 10bzd per week to help catch up with their deficit. As a publican special license is 15oobzd it does not take a genius to figure out that license holders will drift deeper and deeper into debt or that the town will not be able to fulfill its obligations through lack of revenue.

Without a doubt all businesses that have not paid their liquor licenses last year should be closed down immediately and forced to pay their arrears before their license is renewed. This is the bare minimum of what should happen. In reality all licenses should be paid for before they are issued.

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