Deepest Sympathies to Charles, Irene and Family

IMG_2237Today we sadly say goodbye to one of our favorite patients, Gypsy.  Gypsy was one of my first patients in San Pedro back when I was working at Saga Humane Society.  Her owner came running in with her on a Sunday.  She was passing blood from both ends and he thought she had been poisoned.  Fortunately for Gypsy she was not poisoned, she had a condition called HGE.  The cause of HGE is unknown.  It is an alarming condition which hits suddenly, causing vomiting and diarrhea with large volumes of blood.  Animals who suffer from HGE typically survive with aggressive fluid therapy and hospitalization to prevent dehydration.  I spent all day and all night with Gypsy as she passed bloody diarrhea every 20 minutes.  After a short time I learned that if I left her cage door open she would get up, walk three feet out of her cage trailing her IV line, pass the blood on some newspaper, turn around, and go back in her cage and lie down.  After about 48 hours of this Gypsy was recovering and returned home.

Since then we have seen Gypsy every 6 weeks or so for grooming and for managing her chronic allergic dermatitis.  We would pick her up at Estelle’s and she would run with Siomara to the golf cart and jump in without a leash.  As she is only 8 years old it came as a shock when she stopped eating and walking around.  After lab tests and xrays she was diagnosed and hospitalized for pneumonia.  The tests also showed a severe liver problem, and a hard mass could be felt inside her belly.

Last night from 10-11pm a group of about ten family and friends came to visit Gypsy here in the hospital.

Today we had to say goodbye as she was not responding to the IV antibiotics and IV fluids we were using to treat her.  She was no longer eating and becoming weaker.  Her breathing had been labored for several days.

We know that her loss will leave a big empty space in the Worthington family and at their popular family restaurant, Estelle’s.  It will be especially difficult at this time, as the family also recently lost an uncle.  Our thoughts are with the entire Estelle’s family.

Rest in Peace, Gypsy.  We will miss you at San Pedro Animal Hospital as well.

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