Deadbeats in San Pedro

On our island everyone knows who is a deadbeat. Any 5 year old can spot a piece of vermin and yet somehow these cretins have rights. It appears they have rights to burgle, steal, mug, sell drugs, work with the police as informers and generally make our (the residents, citizens and visitors of San Pedro) lives a misery to support their various illegal habits.

The Mayor and the Town Board realise we have a problem but no-one appears to know how to get rid of these people.

The Ambergris Daily suggests that we re-introduce the Vagrants Law which is on the books and that the Police sweep up these wonders of human  foetid waste and just keep locking them up and charging them through the court system and putting them in prison for 30 days. This solves 2 problems: 1 – getting these morons off the island and 2 – putting them in jail and hoping they go back to the burrows they came from. We need to ensure that San Pedro does not become a harbour for non-workers and non-contributors to the running of our island.

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