Criminal dies in police custody on Ambergris Caye

A few days ago 2 nefarious characters arrived on the island and robbed a tourist at Tacklebox nightclub which, to be fair, is not full of outstanding citizens of Ambergris Caye. These two jerks (one of them being from Belize City) stole a girls bag which contained passport, credit cards, money and the whole lot.

The following day she tracked these wonders of society down, and with some local help managed to find them and got Corporal Young to arrest them, as they wanted her to empty her bank account in exchange for the return of all of her ID. Corporal Young came to the rescue and arrested these two and the girl got everything back. Unfortunately, the tourist refused to press charges or even write a report as she was leaving in a few hours.

The were both released yesterday unfortunately and guess what… one of them tried to rob a tourist last night and whilst being chased by the police he tried to jump over a wall, hurt his neck and the police captured him and threw him in jail where he definitely belonged. It appears that he broke his neck while hurdling that wall, and died in custody last night.

His death is not the fault of the Police, they should be commended for capturing this criminal and putting him back where he belongs…

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