Craziness at Belize Yacht Club under Julia Torres

Julia Torres has been released by the BYC due to unprofessional beahviour. During her stewardship, many times have the ballifs had to come in and arrange court ordered auctions. Indeed, this Monday Sands Villas (which has not opened and had it’s electricity turned off by BEL a couple of days ago) has an auction for one of the apartments.

On Saturday night Julia Torres made allegations against a Ukrainian BYC owner, and had her arrested where she spent the night in the San Pedro Jail. Just read the BYC reports on Trip Advisor and La Voile Rouge Trip Advisor pages to learn more about how she operates.

Julia Torres for years has actively disliked Peter Lawrence of Pedro’s Inn, and has tried to get the police to arrest him on certain occasions. This is what she has put on the internet – and the police arrived at the San Pedro Animal Hospital during this unfortunate incident involving her dog.

She called the police twice to try and force the San Pedro Animal Hospital to treat her dog without having to pay anything that evening, which they flatly refused to do. She has a history of non-payment, as a number of people have had to go to court to receive monies they have been owed from her.

She made no report to the police during either of their visits, but now she is this story on the internet – Everything she wrote in her account below is untrue, other than the fact that SPAH saved her dog and that her security guards were asked to leave the premises. Her husband who was with her went somewhere and picked up the money to pay the vet. Here is now her version of what happened, 3 months later as told on facebook:



From: Julia Torres
Date: 9/12/2013 1:36:29 PM
To: ———-
Subject: Incident in San Pedro – Cory Singh

Dear ———,

On Monday August 19th 2013, at 6pm, my husband, my dog Cory and I were heading to town in our golf cart. Cory was wearing his leash which fell and got caught on something which caused him to be flung out of the cart. I found Cory on the pavement with his neck twisted to the side and eyes wide open not able to move.

I picked him up and started calling for help, my husband took him from me and along with some neighbours started putting water on his neck and slowly brought him back. I called a few friends begging them to help me locate a vet as Saga is not open at that time and the only vet is located at Pedro’s Inn but at the time no one was there.

In the meantime, I decided to walk home. A 5 minute walk from the accident. I reside at the Belize Yacht Club. I walked with Cory in my arms and the minute I put foot on my step at home, Cory had a very violent seizure. I had never seen a seizure prior to this and I must say I was crying and very afraid and in shock. My husband was right behind me after parking the golf cart (I decided to walk) and we managed to get in the house. My friends kept calling to let me know they were still trying to locate a vet. In the interim, Cory had 4 more violent seizures.

At 8pm my friend Patty Reyes called my phone and told me to rush to Pedro’s Inn animal hospital as the vet was on her way. We drove over and the vet (Dr. Lauren) hurriedly put Cory on oxygen, drip and anesthesia. Cory had one more violent seizure there and the vet told us is was not looking good. After discussing our options with Dr. Lauren, my husband and I decided we would do whatever it takes to save Cory no matter how much it would cost. We agreed and Dr. Lauren accepted that we would pay her to spend the night in the hospital. Dr Lauren brought in a small blow up bed for me to sleep in with Cory along with a blanket and told us that she would be sleeping in a room at Pedro’s Inn and we be a phone call away. Dr. Lauren said we had to take it step by step and watch for more seizures. It was obvious that Cory wanted to be in my arms so Dr. Lauren gave me a chair to sit and put Cory in my arms making sure that his needles were all connected.

At approximately 10pm (no more seizures) Dr. Lauren stepped out to her room and my husband went to the hotel to get me a blanket for Cory. I was sitting there alone with Cory when I heard the clinic door open and I saw Peter Lawrence in the room. I could tell by the way he was staggering and the way he smelt that he was very drunk. When he saw me he started screaming to the top of his lungs causing me to be very afraid and nervous and of course for Cory to wake up and start shaking violently.

Peter Lawrence said “What the fuck are you doing in my fucking hospital you fucking bitch, give me some fucking money right now or get the fuck out” at that moment Dr. Lauren walked in and I said “Dr. Please help me, Cory is getting very upset” Dr. Lauren said nothing, it was almost like she was a different person. I proceeded to pick up my telephone to call the police for help. Peter Lawrence then grabbed me by the wrist and shook me violently and proceeded to scream “where is my fucking money” I never once responded to him as I was trying to keep calm for Cory. Peter asked Dr. Lauren (the screaming never stopped) how much was the bill. Dr. Lauren told him it was $750 total for what she had already done. He then proceeded to order Dr. Lauren to disconnect Cory of the anesthesia, oxygen and drip. Dr Lauren obediently did which sent me off and I said “Dr. please what are you doing I will pay as soon as my husband gets here” but R. Lauren had no say as Peter clearly stated – “SHE IS THE VET BUT THIS IS MY CLINIC AND I OWN THE LICENSE” and she has to do what I say. I quickly opened my wallet took out the cash I had and gave Peter Lawrence $650.00 at the same time my husband walked in and when he saw what was happening begged to have Cory connected again and paid the balance of $100. Dr. Lauren was ordered by Peter to connect Cory again which she did.

I asked Dr. Lauren to please confirm to my husband that Peter Lawrence had physically assaulted me. Dr. Lauren did.

Peter Lawrence left after but only for a short period of time and told my husband that my husband can stay with Cory for the night but I must leave. We stayed for one more hours after the traumatic events and left the hospital with prior arrangements to meet Dr. Lauren the next day at 8:30 am at Clinica Los Pinos for Cory to get an X-ray.

My husband Cory and I met Dr. Lauren the next day, got the X-ray which showed no broken bones but Dr. Lauren said she had to repeat the blood tests and I had to go back to Pedro’s Inn. I was extremely hesitant but she assured me it would only take 2 minutes so I agreed. I had to make sure Cory was fine and he had not had another seizure.

Dr. Lauren did the blood tests and they were fine so I left hurriedly. My husband paid Dr. Lauren another fee and she provided us with our receipt. It is important to mention that the night prior, when my husband and I gave Peter Lawrence the $750 and we asked for a receipt he screamed at both of us “You want a fucking receipt and I am fucking saving your dog. You can get a fucking receipt but you have a fucking dead dog, you choose”. Of course, my husband and I chose not to have a receipt. Dr. Lauren provided one. (Available if you need it)

1. Rene and Patty, owners of Caramba restaurant (our friends who brought my husband and I food that night were kicked out with security by Peter Lawrence.

2. My security who I called after Peter assaulted me was kicked out by Peter Lawrence security.

3. Peter told my friends Rene and Patty and my security that if they did not leave he would disconnect Cory again. All 3 of them told Peter that they were on the street which is a public area but were forced to leave by Peter otherwise Cory would be disconnected.

4. Cory is a 6lb white male maltese 9.5 years old

Dr. I have Cory and I am blessed for that but I have heard many horrible stories about this clinic and I am not willing to keep this a secret. Can you imagine the panic that Saga is only open 2 days a week with a Vet and the rest of the time we can loose our pets to this Peter Lawrence. Many people have experienced terrible things there but no one talks because they claim that nothing will be done. I do not want to believe this. I also do not want to be put in a situation where I am exposed and have no where to take Cory depending on how this is handled.

Is it true that Peter Lawrence owns the license and the vets like Dr. Lauren have no say? Is she being held hostage? I have so many questions.

Hoping that an investigation can be conducted. Please confirm receipt of this email. I know you are very busy and I will be patient. Thank you very much..


Julia Torres
Director of Sales and Marketing

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