Cost of Poker Going Down on Ambergris Caye

When selecting a poker game to play, it is important to take the rake into consideration as it can be the deciding factor on whether you will win or lose at the end of the night.  With that in mind, Pedro’s Poker Club has taken its lowest rake in Belize and made it even lower.

Pedro’s now essentially follows a fairly standard Vegas rake system of 10% up to a $5 max ($4 max on a table of 6 or fewer players) in their 1/2us games. This new move means that the house takes $20us less per pot (when maxed) than almost any other cardroom in Belize. Oh, and did we mention that they also now have a no flop, no drop policy?

This new lower rake means that Pedro’s Poker Club gives you the best chance to win of any game in the region.  In addition Pedro’s offers several player friendly perks like complimentary food and drink, room specials, bad beat jackpots and other promotions.

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