Coldwell Banker Sales Associate makes deal with Belize Court on drug Charges

Matt Hoy a sales associate of Coldwell Banker real estate agents in San Pedro was charged with drug trafficking and was in court yesterday afternoon. His common-law wife Sarah Brodie was also charged and was also in court.
The lawyer for the case was a Mr. Hamilton did a deal with the magistrate that Hoy would take responsibility for the drug dealing but would plead guilty to a possession charge with a 4200bzd fine. This he did and left the court with his wife as free people.
The Ambergris Daily wonders what would have happened if these people had been local Belizeans who could not afford a lawyer,and not able to pay the fine immediately-would they have gone to jail,as the locals would very probably have done.
The Ambergris Daily also wonders with his drug record in Toronto and now down here if that is the last dalliance with the drug culture.

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