Cheques Being Stolen From the Belize Post Office?

March 07, 2012


Attention: Belize Resort Owners and Managers


I have found 2 checks that were sent to Belize that have been intercepted other than the addressee of the checks. These checks are resort payments from Magnum Belize Tours payable to certain resorts for our mutual clients visiting Belize. A person or persons has fraudulently cashed these checks with the Barclay’s bank in Belize City. I have copies of the checks with a very distinct signature. This person had to intercept these checks at the postal service and forged the signature without authorization to cash these checks.

I am advising you of this International criminal act to ask for the resorts of Belize that are receiving payments directly to Belize to help find whom is committing this criminal act. I would like to ask the resorts to contact the Barclay’s bank and speak to anyone that can help find who the person is that is signing and cashing these  resort payments. The signature on the checks is quite different and it could be recognized by the bank.

I have contacted the proper authorities here in the United States and I have also contacted Barclay’s Bank and the bank in Belize has not responded to this matter as of today, Wednesday March 07 2012.

In the meantime I am very hesitant in sending payments to Belize until we find whom is intercepting the resort payments.

I have attached the checks to this email to ask for help in finding and resolving this criminal act.

Please email me if you know anyone at the bank that can help us or at the Belize postal service






Cheryl K. Chivers

Belize Travel Experts



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