Changes must be made in the San Pedro Police Department

After Wednesday’s meeting, where the Officer in Charge Robinson stated that she had full confidence in her police force here in San Pedro, the AD finds it incredible that within 36 hours, two fo her finest police officers were seen robbing a local grandfather in the door way of the Credit Union.

We are not blaming OC Robinson for the robbery. We feel that after telling her police offers to behave themselves and be at all times respectful, honest, law abiding and to be on their best behavior that committing a robbery in the daylight hours is just showing the general public that she cannot control the local police force.

It has long been believed by many law abiding citizens of Dan Pedro, and with the stories about the police being corrupt, taking bribes and being general near-do-wells, that this instance proves that the police are totally out of control. Stealing a pair of sneakers and the contents of a wallet from an obviously retired pensioner is the lowest of the low. these officers should have been suspended, and sent back to where ever they came from on Friday morning but of course the police hide behind the law. The AD obviously knows that the due process will take it’s time, but there is no way that these 2 police officers should be anywhere near San Pedro/Ambergris Caye.

The AD suggests to the GOB and Town Board that the Officer in Charge should be replaced immediately as was pointed out in the general meeting only last Wednesday that people will stop coming here, and to Belize in general if we are not able to protect all who live and vacation here.

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