Central Park vendors

The Mayor, Area Rep and everyone in power has promised that with the new park at the old football field that all vendors either situated on the beach or in Central Park would be relocated. Also, each vendor is only allowed 1 table and 1 person to operate under the trade license issued by the Town Board. If we look at Central Park, and indeed some of the vendors on the beach it appears that they bring all their rubbish from home with them, and scatter it all around.

The AD says this is simply not right. We are a tourist destination and surely to God we can keep vendors and their wares off the beach, out of the Central Park and back to the new 6 million dollar area. Also, we really don’t need whole groups of people around every stall. Please remember that these people pay no taxes, and are in direct competition with the Gift Shops that pay rent, proper wages to staff, Social Security, Business Taxes etc… whilst the stall holders pay absolutely zero and do nothing but complain. The Town Council should support the tax payers.

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