Central Government not doing enough to help Ambergris Caye?

For many years the Government of Belize was under the control of the PUP. Yet, San Pedro and Ambergris Caye was loyal to the opposition UDP. 5 years ago when the UDP took over the government there were those who thought our island would see some of the millions of dollars it pays the government in taxes returned in the form of infrastructure, law and order and other much needed investment.

This has not happened. San Pedro and Ambergris Caye  sends  hard earned tax dollars to Belmopan and in return our town gets its annual stipend of less than $100,000 a year in return. Pathetic.

Most of the island’s roads suck…pot holes, dust, mud, crap. The main road north is unlit and scary. Our garbage disposal people have to do their job with primitive transportation and equipment with steaming garbage piled on tractor trailers and trucks in full view of residents and tourists alike.

Now that we have a mayor who wants to help our island progress beyond 3rd World status would it be too much to ask the Government of Belize to invest a few million dollars into its tax cash cow? It is a pity that Mayor Danny’s job has been made harder by the debt that useless and sly Mayor Elsa Paz left behind at the San Pedro Town Council. But, it would be a greater pity if the Government just collected our taxes and contributed nothing back into improving our deteriorating situation. Because…once the island infrastructure crumbles  past its tipping point and tourists decide it is no longer safe or pretty anymore it will no longer be a cash cow for the government.

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