Carnival….License to Vandalize?

Well today, Sunday, sees the start of our “carnival” celebrations. Hundreds of kids (some young and charming, others older and just plain mean) will be running around town during the day splashing paint over vehicles, buildings, reluctant tourists and each other. If only the kids could limit their fun to each other instead of vandalizing private and public property.

Wednesday morning we will all wake up and survey a town covered in paint hand prints and splashes…some of them will be from last years carnival which is a pity because it means that some property owners like their walls and buildings to look like crap.

Our tourists, the bread and butter and lifeblood of our island, will no doubt form their own impressions of what they will have seen at first hand. We wish the painting could be limited to certain areas such as the beach and soccer field. The beach would be great because the kids can clean up and still have fun and the soccer field would be perfect because somehow soccer and vandalism go together.

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