Caribbean Villas Hotel opens under new management

Caribbean Villas Hotel opened it’s doors under new management and direction this weekend. Yesterday a vast number of people turned up to party the day away at Catamaran Beach Bar. Live music by Bamboo Chicken Band, Keith Cameau and Yancy De Veer rocked. Glora and Walter from Pedro’s did an outstanding  job on the BBQ. The sailing was excellent for members of the San Pedro Sailing Club and thank’s to Lola’s Pub a large screen TV showed all the great NFL action through the afternoon. This will be a weekly event, and BBQ will be the specialty of the day. It was simply delicious.

Interestingly, in our point of view, none of the traditional media turned up to cover a story like this – I guess the change in ownership of a majorresort is not newsworthy.

Special thanks to the Honorable Mayor Danny Guerrero who came, and who will also be bringing the Town Board with him next week. So if you want to chat with anyone from the Town Board, come to Caribbean Villas next Sunday!

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