Capt. Morgan’s Casino Want to Outlaw Chicken Drop on Ambergris Caye

As the Chicken Drop which has been a firm favourite and a tourist draw for over 20years has drawn the ire of the owners and managers of Capt Morgans. They want all gambling events only to be held at their very expensive resort where a beer is over 10 bzd and a rum nearly the same. This they say is to keep the rif raff out of their exclusive resort. This means that almost all locals are not able,and their answer who would want to,visit the resort which is responsible for preventing locals from enjoying themselves which they have done for many years.

The law that they are using that any game that involves money and luyck must be licensed by the Gaming Board and can only be played in a casino.

The AD says the casino is a joke and no-one goes there as the odds are so much in favour of the owners and gives virtually no chance to the players.

Greed is a terrible sin and the owners should be reminded of this everyday.

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