Capt Morgans Resort Overcharge their Guests in San Pedro

Guests who have been staying at Captain Morgans Resort have found that they have been overcharged by the bar and restaurant. It appears that guests thought that they were paying 8 bzd for a beer when all prices are and were in usd and all prices in the restaurant are in usd.

The laws of Belize clearly state that prices must be in bzd and GST must be included (neither is the case here). Capt. Morgans response was that our guests can afford whatever we charge and they are delighted to pay. The reasoning is that have paid a ridiculous amount of money on their timeshares and Capt Morgans need to get the rest of their monies before the members realize that they have been truly screwed.

The average price for a beer is around 2.5usd or 5bzd. The owners of Capt Morgans were unavailable for comment .

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