Capt. Morgans Charity Collection Monies go Missing on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday the AD reported that Capt. Morgan’s Casino and Resort organised 7 poker runs (basically a pub crawl) which encompassed 5 bars on the north of the island. The idea was that 40usd was collected from each participant and 60% would go to the winner and 40% to the Polyclinic. Mr. Owen of the Polyclinic was alerted to this by a worker in Capt. Morgans who asked him what the Polyclinic did with the monies. Mr. Owen said he had no idea of the collections and had not received a penny from anyone.

The participating bars and restaurants received no monies from this and Kit at Capricorn said that Ernie(owner of Capt. Morgans) had personally asked him to join in, and at no stage did he receive any monies. The same should be said for the Kama Lounge, Palapa Bar, and Grand Caribe who also participated.

The Polyclinic will be delighted to receive the 3500usd which is what the participating businesses estimate that was collected for this worthwhile charity. However there appears to be a funny smell emanating from Capt Morgan’s.

Please see the advert below that was produced by Capt. Morgan’s Resort and Retreat.

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