Can Anyone Believe this Article about Mahogany Bay Hotel and Beach Resort

The Ambergris Daily has had its chief investigative reporter check out the hotel by the sewage ponds in San Pedro.He could not find the beach part as it is currently home to multitudes of mosquitoes,and he was advised not to go there.

However our intrepid soul talked to a number of people,and he was informed that all employees must sign a total non-disclosure contract and are informed that if you break the terms of this contract and if you are a foreigner you will be deported, and if Belizean you will go to jail.

The reporter was outraged that this could happen in his homeland. He also found that this was to be true as a foreigner showed one of the undesirable units. This person then went to eat at Kyoto (the restaurant at Mahogany Bay) and was unceremoniously thrown out and told that he was banned from the property forever. The unfortunate salesman was taken by members of the human resources dept. to the airport and was told to leave the country which he did.

The Ambergris Daily cannot believe that this can happen in Belize-this fairly cheap built hotel is not a national security matter and workers should not be treated this way.

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