BYC Homeowners Refute Sergio Torres’s Claims

The homeowners are basically calling Sergio Torres a liar and a charlatan as he says in print in the San Pedro Sun that he owned over 80% of the condos in BYC.

Here is the Homeowners answer

Dear Sirs,


We, the homeowners in the Belize Yacht Club and members of the Homeowners’ Association for same – namely “100 Coconut Drive Homeowners’ Association” are writing to correct misinformation that you were given by Sergio Torres in a recent interview.



1.       The facts contained in the letter from Gerrard Greene are 100% accurate.  Mr. Greene, the writer, is a relative of one of the owners.


2.       Mr. Torres has inaccurately represented the number of units in BYC – the following numbers are accurate:


·        There are 45 units in BYC

·        BYC owns 11 units

·        Private individuals own 34 units


3.       The Rental Pool comprises the following number of units


·        6 units owned by BYC

·        13 units owned by private individuals (These owners have no choice but use BYC for Rentals)



4.       21 Privately owned units are NOT in the Rental Pool. 


·        Please note the majority of owners have chosen to stay outside the rental pool not a small minority as Mr. Torres represents us.




A new Rental Pool commenced in October 2012.  The Homeowners are 100% unanimous in their request that Rental Pool statements be provided in a timely manner..


A.       The Rental Pool statement that was due January 10, 2013 was delivered on 11th April.


B.       The Rental Pool Statement that was due April 10, 2013 has yet to be supplied.


C.     Should these statements and supporting documentation not be provided we wish that BTB cancel the Hotel License issued to Island Club Resorts



Furthermore the Homeowners are unanimous in their request that :


A.       Maintenance provides the HOA with the 1st Quarter Operating Statement by April 15.  This Operating statement should include proof of all income and expenses in accordance with the agreed budget.


B.       On April 1, the Homeowners paid to BYC sufficient funds to cover expenses for the month of April. BYC maintenance is claiming they need more.  Upon receipt of the 1st Quarter Operating Statement the HOA will pay BYC maintenance any further funds they may be due.


C.      BYC Maintenance must provide the HOA with operating statements, including proof of all income and expenses in accordance with the agreed budget, by 15th of each following month.


D.      BYC Maintenance must pay all employees all past wages that are their due


E.       BYC Maintenance must stop sending employees to the Homeowners units with requests for wages saying that the Homeowners have not paid money to BYC which is totally untrue.


F.       BYC Maintenance must resume all services that BYC Maintenance are contractually obligated to provide and have been paid for





We would also like to take this opportunity to say that despite our differences that the Homeowners and Management are working together for the benefit of all.





100 Coconut Drive Homeowners Assn.



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