Buying a Business on Ambergris Caye

If you are in the market to buy a business on Ambergris Caye the first thing you must do is come down to the island and observe. So many people want to view accounts and lets face it any idiot can produce the most amazing set of accounts in an hour or two. There is absolutely no chance of buying a business with an accurate or honest set of books.

Your new best friend who just happens to be a realtor and he or she will tell you that you are the only person who has the chance to buy this brilliant business, and you have to act now, and Hells Bells all you have to do is sit in a local bar and just hear the money going through the cash register. He or she will also guarantte the accounts as long as that fact is not on the purchasing contract.

The truth of the matter is that,of course, you have have to work bloody hard and then there is no guarantee that you are going to make it. There are two facts to remmeber and that is that almost everyone steals, and that almost everyone has at least 5o grandmothers and it is an unfortunate fact of life but one of them will die each week and the employee will need at least 2 days off to attend the funeral.

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