Businesses For Sale in San Pedro

The Ambergris Daily has recently noticed a number of relatively new businesses that have started in San Pedro are now for sale. Why is this people ask and the real answer is that it is very difficult for foreigners to come here and make money.

The Butcher, on middle street, is for sale at the ludicrous price of 110,000 usd. For this the potential buyer gets a leased shop which has a monthly rent, and a few bits of second-hand machinery.

As the business has been open for 10 months or so. Why are the owners/leaseholders selling it? Well the answer seems pretty clear which is that the business does not generate enough cash to pay wages and bills. There is hardly anyone ever in the shop, and yet they want,with no true financials, 110,00usd -that according to the AD is totally nuts.

The Baker is another business for sale and they had wanted 700,000usd and now the price is 299,000 usd with a huge monthly rent and a relatively short lease. This has been in operation for longer than the Butcher but it is not as popular as it should be.

The Ambergris Daily warns anyone that wants to buy a business in San Pedro that they should visit Ambergris Caye and spend time watching how busy and what the potential of the said business has. If it is busy great -If it is not……………………………………Saying all this there are businesses for sale at good prices but that is purely a personal viewpoint.

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