Burglaries on Ambergris Caye

Last night there were,unfortunately, a few burglaries and some tourists lost some belongings including a camera and some clothes. The police were called and they came and said everyone had to make a report at the police station. This they did and then they were told to return in a few weeks to get copies of the report.

The police said this is procedure, and you have to be present to get the report. This is ludicrous and penalizes everyone for being a tourist as it is obvious to even dimmest public employee that tourists do not stay for more than a few days. A corporal Lorie was contacted in Belmopan,who was the senior officer on duty there,and a sergeant Flores in Belize city, who both reiterated the same thing.

This means that the police will never solve this crimes as they do not give a crap about tourism and about theft from our visitors.This is a very sad state of affairs, and does not bode well for the future of the island if our public employees by citing procedure cannot help our visitors who have been robbed by scumbags who live on our island.

Inspector Arnold of the San Pedro Police was contacted this morning and he said that a copy of the report will be available later today. He said that tourist should be treated with the utmost courtesy and if robbed should be given as much help as possible. It was a shame that he was not available last night but his attitude is first class.

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