BTL Blocks DNS in Belize

On Monday, the internet connection in much of the country of Belize was disrupted for several hours while BTL mistakenly included DNS into the list of protocols that it blocks along with Skype, Voice Over IP and VPNs.  BTL managed to block not only access to third party DNS services around the world but also its own in house DNS servers.

For those of you that don’t know, DNS is a core web technology and by blocking it you censor access to every website on the planet.

Service with BTL has been getting increasingly worse through the years as they work to “improve” their blocking technology.  Aside from this obvious DNS blocking mistake (which was corrected by about 2pm), the skype blocking technology causes multitudes of problems with everyday websites like Facebook and GMail which make heavy use of background connections and causes large file downloads to secure servers to terminate unexpectedly and randomly.

The Ambergris Daily calls on the Government of Belize, who has owned BTL for several years, to finally remove the Skype block and all other blocking technology from their network and implement a policy of net neutrality.  The consistently degrading internet quality is driving away telecommuters and other remote workers who would otherwise spend time and money in our country and worse, is driving away potential high tech businesses who would otherwise consider Belize for outsourcing  and call center opportunities.

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