Bribery and Corruption on Ambergris Caye?

The Ambergris Daily has been asked to report on the fact that many people on message boards and various blogs that the powers in charge are corrupt and open to bribes.

On a case by case basis the AD can find no evidence of this.The mayor has a brand new jeep parked in the municipal parking lot (value 50,000usd), and has a salary of 40,000bzd but we have found that she is very good at saving her pennies. She is building a vast condo project on middle street and there are whispers that properties are owned outside of the country of Belize but 40k goes a long way as she has proved.

The Ramons clock is a wonderful way for Richard Headrick and his minions to give back absolutely nothing that is useful or needed to the community. However with their religious overtones etc. it would be very wrong to say that they have bribed anyone. I mean what is needed in front street is a very large traffic jam and this is what they have provided.

The land scams are simple mistakes made by people who cannot read, and therefore how can they be at fault for stealing other peoples property and the Ambergris Daily is sure that the town board has instigated a thorough investigation of these incidents. The result of these investigations will be that no-one is to blame and all land should belong to those who say it is theirs.

Many places on the public roads are reputedly for sale but it is wrong to thing that huge bundles of cash is what it takes to get around any logical planning permissions. Meeting must be held,votes taken and absolutely no regard to public feelings can be taken into account in coming to the correct decisions.

Drug dealers are noticeable by their absence as it is obvious to all that there are no drug users on our island. All people who look and act like drug dealers are actually selling licensed pharmaceuticals, and have licenses to prove this.


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