Brazil to be Handed the World Cup by FIFA and the Referees Association

Yesterday Belize came to a stop as Brazil played Croatia-this was a match for Brazil to go out and win comfortably-unfortunately Croatia had not read the script as Croatia went ahead and then their goalkeeper let in a very soft goal. With the score 1-1 and the game heading for a draw the referee had to have been told by the big wigs in FIFA to get a goal for Brazil. He promptly awarded the softest penalty ever seen in the world cup finals. The referee smiled as he had done his job-suddenly Croatia attacked and stuck the ball in the back of the net. The referee looked around gesticulated at his linesman and he waived and between them they disallowed the goal for an infringement. The referee smiled again and Brazil scored an added soft goal in the final minutes.

The AD says with 16 players in their side (one referee and four assistants) -it should be impossible for them not to pick up the trophy on july 14.

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